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Aqua Sphere Aquaskin Shorty Sleeveless Men

Aqua Sphere Aquaskin Shorty Sleeveless Men

Aqua Sphere Aquaskin Shorty Sleeveless Men
Aqua Sphere Aquaskin Shorty Sleeveless Men

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Product description
This sleeveless and pounded suit is made just for you who want to snorkel or swim but don’t want to freeze.

The Aqua Skin suit has 1mm neoprene and the surface is the so-called skin i.e. it reduces water resistance and allows more glide.

Thermo-Guard technology provides warmth and maximum flexibility and range of motion in the shoulders, thighs and chest.

-Made of 0.5-1 mm Glide Skin neoprene

-Double collar provides maximum comfort while keeping water out

-Special panels under the branches prevent abrasion and increase comfort

Easy to put on, long zipper for easy on and off

Recommended approx. 22-26 ° in water.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 470 x 500 x 50 mm.

0.5 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

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