Winter swimming/ Helmi

Winter swimming, Swimming by Helmi J., 7.3.2021

Spring is behind the corner but we still got some winter left although the sun is already replacing the darkness. Lakes are still frozen but that doesn’t stop us cold water lovers. It encourages us. Winter swimming calls us!


Some swim throughout the year when some swimmers activates into winter swimming mode after water temperature drops below 10°C and after that all we need is to wait some more temperature drop and the ice. Personally I belong to the latter group.

Although the cold water might sound a bit uncomfortable yet it is something I would warmly recommend every (healthy person) to try out without any age limit.
First step is to have courage. Second step is relaxation and mind control.
The third and final step is to enjoy the moment.


Start from small and proceed a small step at a time towards the better tolerance for the cold water.
This way in the future you will get a lovely winter activity and over time even a lifestyle from it not just something you had to do.

Breath deep and calmly in and out. Empty your mind and concentrate only to the moment you’re in.
Cold water probably blocks your breathing at first but don’t worry, in winter swimming you don’t have to rush or create any goals you just need to be present.



A swimsuit, neoprene socks or boots,  neoprene gloves and a beanie.

Of course we are all individuals and some handle cold better than the other. Some don’t use anything but the swimsuit and some other swimmer needs everything and beyond.
Trust your own feeling.
Swim should feel crispy, refreshing and a bit tingling but the pain isn’t acceptable. Make sure that your head stays warm as it releases the most of the warmth from your body.


From our online store and store in Lahti you will find two type of socks from Cressi.

CRESSI Ultra Stretch 1,5mm


This is our thinnest sock.

Made from 1,5mm thick 100% neoprene. This sock is snug fit, flexible and almost unnoticeable when wearing. There's non-slip cover on the sole that adds safety and protects the sole from the abrasion a little.

Feeling in 0°C water is warmer than with barefoot. Water goes through the neoprene as it should but the feet don’t feel cold even though I’m standing a while in the cold water during these photoshoots and swim a circle too. Water float feels aswell as the cold water but my feet stays comfy and a lot warmer.

For who?

Perfect choice for barefoot swimmer who needs something to protect the feet during colder days but don’t want too much. Works also perfectly for open water swimming.

I was testing the size S and my foot size is EU 40. The sock stretches a lot so this same size works well for much smaller foot too but stretches well to this size.

CRESSI Neoprene Sock 2,5-3mm


These socks are thicker than Ultra Stretch above.

It’s 2,5-3mm thick 100% neoprene sock that has Aquastop Seal inside so there’s no water coming through. 

For that reason we recommend to choose a snug fit.
This is a full warm sock in which my feet felt warm and cozy throughout the swim in 0 celsius degrees water. I could actually stay in the water much longer what comes to my feet.

For who?

I’d recommend this model for all kind of swimmers but especially for beginners, those who are more sensitive to the cold or just like to stay longer times in the water or do longer distanced swims. Works perfectly for open water swimming too.

I’m wearing size XS in this model and my foot size is EU 40. As well as the previous model this stretches too so remember to choose a snug fit as it will get more comfy after a few uses.
This model is maybe a little wider than the Ultra Stretch.

You will find the products from this blog post both in our store in Lahti and our online store 24/7.
The swimsuit I’m wearing is Michael Phelps Zuglo RB.

Wishing you all the most loveliest and sunniest end of winter season and the beginning of spring time! Enjoy it and swim too.
See you at the winter swimming spots! :)

- Helmi

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