Freediving and Spearfishing

This group has the equipment needed for freediving and spearfishing from the brands Epsealon and Cressi.

If you are interested or want to attend to a freediving course, we recommend Johanna Nordblad's Freediving Helsinki.

Johanna has many years of workmanship in both practicing and competing in freediving at Pro level aswell as teaching it for future freedivers from the entry level to advanced.  

Johanna is a world record woman and participates in the Finnish Freediving National Team.

Ask more about the courses: Email: / Phone: + 358 40 532 3429

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Neoprene suits and accessories
Vapaasukeltamiseen neopreenipuvut
Fins and fins accessories
Vapaasukeltamiseen räpylätarvikkeet
Masks and Snorkels
Vapaasukeltamiseen maskit ja snorkkelit
Vapaasukeltamisen lisätarvikkeet; painovyöt, kellot, lanyardit, painoliivi jne.
Vapaasukeltamiseen ja sukelluskalastukseen pyyhkeitä, takkeja jne.
Gear bags
Bags for freediving gears.
Epsealon Catalogue 2021
Epsealon Catalogue 2021
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