In 2009 Karen’s granddaughter, Emily, asked her Grandma repeatedly to design and make her a mermaid tail. Karen had a dilemma – Emily loved mermaids, she wanted a tail, and she wanted her Grandma to make one. Even having sewn for over 50 years, she still wasn’t sure she knew how to make mermaid tails...but Emily soon showed her that with a combination of ingenuity and team work, they could do it. Their design proved so popular when she and her sister, Sarah, swam in them at the local pool, soon all their friends were asking where they could get a tail of their own. Thus began "Fin Fun Mermaid Tails," bringing a little bit of magic to every girl that dreams of being a mermaid. Grandma Karen and her family have been delighted to be a part of making dreams come true for so many little (and not-so-little anymore) mermaids.

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Ready to use mermaid tails for immediate use, inexpensive!
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Fine and high quality mermaid tails for mermaid swimming in the pool or open waters
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Kauniit bikinisetit upeille merenneidoille.
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Tarvikkeet merenneidoille
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