EW DIVE GOES AWARE, and other sustainable actions

Travelling, Scuba diving by Tanja L., 22.9.2022
EW Dive is and has been doing a lot of clean up programs for waters and beaches for years. When we first started scuba diving in 1997 it was clear that many waters are in a sad state. In every dive there was items in the water that don’t belong there, and every time we brought trash out of the water. Everyone can protect the environment, whether it’s under or above water.
We have educated local school kids about the state of waters and how to protect them in the years 2009 and 2010. After this, lake cleanups have been done with different dive associations, with private people and with companies (for example Lahti Energy).
Luckily here in Finland we’ve had a lot of active people to take part in cleaning up the waters and the results are being noticed. One good example is our local lake Vesijärvi, of which state has been improved tremendously from what it was in the 70’s. 
Oceans and lakes must be protected, so that we can enjoy them in the future!
Even though our lakes and oceans look pretty on the surface, it doesn’t always mean that they’re healthy underneath. Luckily there are people and organisations around the world doing the good work in getting those waters into better shape.
But there is a lot to do in order to slow down the eutrophication, ending the constant dumping of trash and chemicals, etc.

PADI Aware has been encouraging divers for years to take part in events where trash is being collected from the waters, more coral or mangrove is being planted, water samples are taken and analysed, beaches are being cleaned, etc. On our Red Sea dive travels we’ve gotten to know HEPCA. They’re an independent organisation aiming to protect and better the Red sea area. They’re involved in a lot of both local and international programs, that aim to protect and conserve the land and sea ecology of the Red sea.

We’re really proud of both our local dive association’s and our oversea partners: DarkSide Divers in Mexico and Fast Manta in Thailand. Both these companies are doing more and more protecting the environment.

To become more sustainable in every way, is our environmental goal and part of our environmental policy. Whether we’re diving, doing a yoga trip to Mallorca, accommodating in a hotel, doing excursions with our clients, or whatever we’re doing, we think about the environmental impact.

The Finnish Divers’ Federation says it best: “Divers can act as representatives for the nature and at the same time be responsible and sustainable in their own hobby. Divers have the ability to actually promote the wellbeing of underwater nature in so many ways: collecting trash, cleaning up the beaches and being observant of their surroundings. All divers and dive teachers have to be aware of the environmental affects of their hobby. They must minimise the harmful effects of their actions and at the same time actively better the state of waters.”

Sustainability is a continuous effort and process that we have started. We support sustainable travelling and are determined to better our operations. We are taking part in EU financed Sustour project / Travelife sustainability in tourism program, and our aim is to make our travels and our actions more sustainable and ecological.




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