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At Sherwood Scuba we have a Mission and Vision that identifies who we are as a company. And we are proud to share these with you.

Our Mission at Sherwood Scuba is To elevate the experience of divers with our products, our message, and through the passion and energy of our team.

Our Vision Every Diver? Everywhere? with Pride, Passion, & Performance.

Sherwood Scuba is very pleased to be celebrating sixty years in the diving industry. Sixty years is a long time for any company to be in business and in the scuba diving industry, only a handful of companies that have been around that long. Sherwood Scuba is one of those companies and it didn?t happen by accident. The companies that have lasted are still here because they build quality products, they continue to listen to the needs of their customers, and they have an unending passion for what they do: building safe, reliable dive equipment.

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Sherwood Scuba Zodiac + BCD / tasapainotusliivi

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Sherwood Scuba's ZODIAC+ BC incorporates thermoplastic polyurethane with an innovative, user friendly design. This BC Sets new standards for durability and ease-of-use among buoyancy compensators. The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)..
Hinta: 515.00 €

Sherwood Scuba SR2 regusetti

The SR2 regulator continues the legacy the SR1 created. It packs advanced technology into a compact case, employing contemporary styling and utilizing a multitude of cutting edge materials. Superior breathing performance of less than 0.5 joules/liter, W.O.B. at 165 fsw, 62.5 RMV. The SR2 is more..
Hinta: 135.00 € - 659.00 €

Sherwood Scuba Elite fins / avokantaräpylät

Elite - FN7

Lightweight, high performance dual-composite fin blade featuring full-length power rails and a central flex channel. Open heel foot pocket is held comfortable and secure with our unique, highly stretchable silicone heel strap. The NEW ELITE fin from Sherwood is the elite choice for power..
Hinta: 105.00 €

Sherwood Scuba Macco mask / maski

Macco - MA28
The Macco’s unique construction delivers all of the qualities you’d expect in a professional dive mask, with a lighter more comfortable fit. Other frameless masks anchor the strap buckle on the flexible mask skirt. The Mako strap system attaches..
Hinta: 59.00 €

Sherwood Scuba Vida mask / maski

The Vida Mask uses the latest in co-molding technologies to provide a mask with unique styling and color configurations. This two teardrop shaped lens mask provides tremendous vision and comfort in addition to the unique design. * Low profile & wide view allow the mask..
Hinta: 59.00 €